A Wedding Fit For a Goddess


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Ever dreamt of pulling off the Greek goddess look on your wedding day? Yes! Dreams can come true. If you are down for that effortless chic with a heavy dose of elegance, you need to consider a Greek-inspired wedding theme. When done right, this theme will look extremely beautiful and breathtaking.

When it comes to the wedding attire, the bride should be in a Grecian bridal gown. In other words, the dress should be super light and drape-y. They are meant to be simple yet elegant. The bride can even add a head crown to tie in the look. For the groom, they should be all decked out to look like a Greek god. This could be in the form of a suit or even a breezy shirt depending on the formality of the wedding.

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The color scheme to stick with for the theme is white or cream with hints of gold and even blue and purple. Silky drapery should be present around the wedding venue. If you really want to make the reception that much more convincing, you could add pillars and olive branches just like how it was during ancient Greece. On top of that, decorate the place up with flowers, greenery as well as metallic accents. A fun prop to add are grapevines and even hanging lights over the ceiling throughout the venue.

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As far as the wedding tables go, you can easily layer white cloths over it. For the center, you can fill it with peacock feathers, flowers, or even branches that can be painted over with gold. Another idea is to fill a small bowl filled with olives. For the dinnerware, if possible, use ones with gold rims or patterns.

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Photo Source : Pinterest.com

The Greek inspired wedding theme should be nothing short of sensational and romantic. It will definitely leave your guests going ga-ga over it.


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