The rustic theme has gained popularity in wedding decoration because of its ability to give a “Ye Olde” and/or a natural look to a wedding. One of the ways to achieve this is by using wooden crates.

Wooden crates, especially the unwanted and trashed ones, are great sources of a low cost yet high quality wood for a wedding décor project. By making use of something that should have gone to waste, it will not only save you money but also save the planet.


Wooden crates are versatile as they can be used in many ways. First, they can be used as decorating tables. Pile up wooden crates either side of your ceremony table and style with bottles and jam jars full of flowers or stack up wooden crates outside the entrance to your church and fill the top crate with hydrangea plants, lavender or herbs. The smaller wooden crates and boxes can become table centre pieces.


They can be used as functional tables for your wedding cake, desserts or candy buffet; just turn them upside down! You can use the wooden crates in stacks around your venue to create points of interest, make them into tables and add family photos, your guest book or other activities for guests.


There are many styles and shapes, including the square and rectangular. The wooden boards may be spaced out or close together. Some crates are tall and some are short.


Wooden crates can also be displayed  in different ways. Some crates may have the name of farms or shops stamped which gives them that authentic look. They can come in natural wood in all different shades of colour. You can also paint them white if you want to make them more elegant.


Use them as tables, turn them into shelves, or make use as crates. Whatever and however you want, wooden crates are great for that rustic vintage wedding or as an additional décor for any wedding theme. It is a great way to help reduce waste, too, by recycling them into something pretty and useful. Nothing is cooler than being a crafty eco-friendly bride!