Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Photo Source : Pinterest.com

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who has the most fabulous party of them all?” You might need a moment to answer the question, if you were the Magic Mirror, but you might be able to tell where we’re going with this as a wedding inspiration.


Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Mirrors are one of the most versatile pieces you can incorporate to your wedding. It not only does wonders but it can transform a wedding reception from looking just ‘meh’ to ‘vavavoom!’



Starting with the wedding invitations, you can do something completely unique. Which is to send out hand mirrors with information graphed on the mirrors itself. Put in mirror frames and accents all around the venue. For instance, you can have mirrored table numbers and seating charts. Also, use mirrors as a writing board for signage all around the wedding venue. They are a great alternative to using chalkboards. You can use them to write cute sayings, information and whatnot.



Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Everyone knows that the 101 to interior design is to throw in a few mirrors here and there to create the illusion of a bigger space. This is exactly what you could do if space is a limitation for you. A fabulous option is to use a floor to ceiling mirror as a backdrop for the stage instead of the floral backdrop that are very in trend nowadays. The plus point is, it is far cheaper.


The options of using mirrors is endless. Really. A great conversion piece would be to go over the top and cover the table surfaces using mirrors. Now that is something you don’t see everyday. Or just simply use them as the base of your centerpiece.


Using mirrors creates a very sophisticated and glamorous atmosphere. Picture a room with mirrors reflecting all the candle lights leaving the room in a beautiful constellation of star-like flickers. How beautiful, no? Class and allure all in one, what more can you ask for on your special day.


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