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In Spanish, “Mi casa es tu es casa” means “My house is your house”. This can’t be more true to the Mexican culture which is all about family, love, and generosity. Taking on a Mexican themed wedding will bring you and your partner such joy and an all-round feel good vibe.


The Mexican culture is full of life and love which means the colors used will naturally be bold and vivid. Your guests should instantly be filled with happiness when they enter your wedding venue from an overload of beautiful rich colors and textures.


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Starting from the wedding invitation, use extremely bold colors to tease your wedding guests of what they can expect. So you can use red, blue or even yellow as the main highlight.

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For the wedding dress, you can choose something that has lace detailing. And for your bridesmaids, don’t be shy with the colors. It will be a fun contrast to have them wear colorful dresses standing next to you.

As far as the table decorations go, you can use a lot of shapes and colors that will make people go “Hey! This feels like Mexico”. For the centerpieces, you can use flowers like roses, hydrangeas to create a dynamic yet romantic arrangement. Utilize ceramic vases and play around with wooden textures such as a wooden candle holder for a blend of modern and rustic flair. The use of flowers can no doubt bring so much life to any type of environment.

                                      Andrea-Popp-Peter-Anderson-Wedding-ZADesignz-Photography-20            1492424056d1b3184bcfc8fe4e066681

Photosource : Zareth Acosta (

Not sure of what to give out as party favors? You’ve got so many options to go with that your guests will truly appreciate. What about festive Mexican charms that are not only fun but allow you to share the spirit of Mexico or you can go with Mexican tile coasters that can be very practical.

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Mexican themed weddings are about being able to celebrate your union of love with your closest family and friends. So have a blast with it!


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