The Iconic Pop Art


Take on this 1950s theme of popping art. If you associate yourself with being artsy and playful, you might want to consider a pop art themed wedding. Why? Because pop art involves a whole lot of vibrancy and artistry.  It is considered to be one of the most popular modern art movements of our time. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate it into your wedding.


You can start off by paying tribute to the famous American artist Roy Lichtenstein. His artwork was famous for its dotted technique. You can easily include this into literally every part of your wedding.


Go crazy with the wedding invitation designs and make sure it’s wacky and awesome. From there, your wedding guests will able to catch the vibe of how your wedding will be. Also, add geometric designs and patterns to everything that can be custom made such as welcome signs, pictures, dinnerware and etc. Another fun touch can be adding the oh-so-famous Campbell’s Soup Cans in the venue.

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It’s going to be a lot of fun finding the props for your wedding. This theme has many comic strip inspirations to it which you can use throughout the venue.  For the color palette, think of bright primary colors. So you would go with colors such as red, green and blue. But obviously, you are most welcome to incorporate other popular colors synonymous to the theme like yellow and aqua.


Color blocking is also advisable. You can have tons of fun putting colors that contrast one another. Play around with the colors of the table cloth, dinnerware and etc. Get your creative juices flowing.


Another suggestion is to have pictures of you and your partner in pop art designs, which can be placed around the wedding reception. It will create a playful feel with a very personal touch.


So if you want to use a wedding theme that is outside of the norm, go with pop art. Show people what they’ve never seen before. It’s going to be extremely colorful with eclectic touches.