Hang it your way!


To hang chandeliers at traditional ballrooms as lighting is not the only way. In fact, there are a million and one ways you could use chandeliers for your wedding that you might have not have thought of.

Although of course, there’s nothing wrong with having classic chandeliers shadowing a whole ballroom. It can and will look breathtaking nevertheless. But we’re just saying there are other ways you could use it.


Why limit yourself to the typical wedding ballrooms when you can place and incorporate chandeliers into any kind of venue. Yes, we are talking about, the outdoors, warehouses, barns and many more. They can transform the simplest of venues and create an elegant setting with a click of a switch.


Chandeliers are normally used as a means of elegant and warm lighting. But you could explore decorating flowers all around it.


If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, chandeliers can work beautifully as table centerpieces. Another way to use them is to have standing chandeliers on areas of the wedding venue.


By the way, If you choose to have your wedding at a ballroom, why not shift the gear a little and change it up a bit. Normally, chandeliers are hung on the ceiling but you can also showcase them on your wedding backdrop.


You could have them hung on eye level, in that case, people will able to appreciate them more. Often times, chandeliers get passed over because not everyone remembers to look up and do a whole 360 degree view.


A cool little statement piece would be to create little nooks under the tables such as the bar and hang little chandeliers. It’s something different that will excite everyone.


Chandeliers are exciting! They can make any area look elegant without even trying. Go ahead and explore fun ways to incorporate it.


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