Spot-on Cotton!


There’s something unique about cotton thus it became a trendy stuff in wedding decoration. Maybe you’re one of those who probably never look at cotton as a classy touch to a wedding, but it is actually something fun to work with.

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To use cotton as part of your wedding decoration is a bold move, since cotton is pretty unusual. But don’t get it wrong, there are actually so many different ways to use it. Cotton can make your rustic-themed wedding feels more chic and oh-so-romantic.

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Cottons can substitute flowers and give that cuteness flowers can’t do. You can arrange cottons and make a hand bouquet or just as pretty as a flower bouquet. If you still want to use a few blooms, cottons and blooms mix well. Arrange some cotton, flowers and twigs in a mason jar and you’ll have a chic centerpiece. Also as a replacement for flower, for your groom and his best man, cotton makes the puffiest boutonnieres.

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Cottons are versatile when it comes to decorating the venue. Line the aisle using cotton garland or hang it overhead across the room to create a fairy-tale feel. You can get the real “cloud nine” feeling when walking down the aisle by using cotton aisle runner. Or, arrange cottons and make a dreamy backdrop at your venue.

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There are so many different ways in which you can use cotton as a part of your wedding day décor, the uses are endless! It’s inexpensive, unique and great on personal touches. We love all these decorating with cotton ideas and hope you do too!




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