Soft and Summery


The soft and delicate feel of pastel colors are what makes it so beloved and popular. What’s not to like about it?

Pastel colors are very versatile too, even in a summer wedding, a splash of pastel colors will create soothing and effortless look. Pastel colors will make everything look very extremely graceful and beautiful.


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With so many things you can do to incorporate pastel, you will never run out of ideas. First, let’s define what pastel colors are. We are talking about powder blue, pink, lavender, blush, mint, peach, and light yellow. Choose one of those colors you would like to go with and stick with it.



So for instance if you choose to go with mint, you can have your bridesmaids dressed up in the color. And when it comes to the invitations, have the colors coordinated so that everything is aligned. Yes, we are talking about the decorations too and that includes the flowers.


When it comes to choosing your flowers, pick out summery ones such as peonies in pink and white, garden roses and hydrangeas all of which come in an assortment of pastel shades.


Of course you can mix around the colors for the decor. You don’t want it to be boring whereby everything in the room is just one tone. Play around with ideas and see how different colors match one another.



Also, when it comes to the design at your wedding, choose pretty fonts and details because pastel is meant to be super feminine. Even for the cake, choose one that has sweet confection with flowers on it.