My Love For You is Evergreen

Some people say that green means learning, growth, well-being and harmony; something that represents a marriage life well. It contains hope and prayer, as well as happiness and love that a couple share to each other. Green is what our lovely newlyweds, Rendy and Jeannie, picked for their wedding day, and it can’t be anymore perfect than that! Taking place at Intercontinental Hotel’s Ballroom, Jakarta, Rendy and Jeannie’s wedding day was so splendid in green.

Green also means nature, and it won’t be complete without flowers and trees. White roses and cherry blossom trees decorated the venue and spread the nature-green ambiance to the venue. With the help of the lighting, the venue was so lovely in shimmering green with a touch of white.

Not only the indoor venue, the outdoor area was also filled with lovely green and white, with a cherry blossom tree, candles and crystals that added beauty to the garden party. Green is eternal; green is always new. It’s the love Rendy and Jeannie bear and share to each other; the evergreen love.



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