One Fine Tea Party

When imagination meets creativity, magic will happen. Marshella’s sweet 17th birthday party was one example. Marshella was a very creative girl. She had in mind what she wanted for her birthday; she even made some props by herself! Adapting a fascinating classic literature of “Alice in The Wonderland”, blended with vintage theme as her special request, we helped Marshella make her birthday party “Marshella in The Wonderland” full of magic.

The magic started from the entrance, where family and friends could drop their presents at one side, and take pictures at the other side. The tables were decorated with red and white roses. As the guests walked through the entrance door, they were welcomed by a table full of sweets. They could grab a bag and fill it with sweets as many as they want and as their tummy could bear! In the center of the room, vintage tables, chairs, and dining sets were carefully prepared. There were cards with names on it placed in each dining set so the guests know where they shoud sit.

To put more vintage ambience, chandeliers were placed around the room; on the table as well as on the cherry blossom trees in the corner of the room. Not only did they add more vintage touch to the party, but also they made it sweet and classy. Not to mention, there were lots of red and white roses to put more magic in it. All were wrapped for one fine tea party in Marshella’s wonderland. Nothing but awe!

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