For A New Beginning

Love can bring you warmth through its dazzling beauty. That could be a perfect way to describe what we presented Dily and Indra for their wedding day. For Dily and Indra, we combined the warmth ambiance of garden for the reception area and the dazzling colors of champagne and purple for the area around the center stage. Taking place at Birawa, Bidakara, Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, Dily and Indra’s wedding was what we called a charming beauty, one lovely thing for a new beginning.

The reception area was dominated with green and white, giving the warm garden ambiance. With the help of the details given, we made it to be simple yet sweet, like a warm welcome for the guests. For the main hall, it was nothing but the dazzling beauty of champagne and purple colors, with the help of lighting and lovely details and flowers. How it could be any prettier than that?


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