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Once upon a time, two bookworms met and fell in love. They were so madly in love, they were inseparable, and they had one thing that tied them together: their love of books! The bookworms decided to write their own storybook by getting married with a book theme wedding party!

As unique as it may sound, a book theme wedding is such a personal way to show a couple’s love. Are you a bookworm too? Would a book-inspired theme party be something for you? Let us show you how you can incorporate the theme into one cohesive, beautiful wedding inspired by books, library and literatures.



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Make use of quotes

Do you have favorite quotes from your favorite books? You can use them to express the joy of celebrating your wedding day with your guests. Borrow a line or two of your favorite on your wedding invitation and stationery. It’s a personal way to communicate your happiness to them.



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Invite your guests to re-live the good old days when there were more books in the library than in e-books by transforming your wedding venue into a good old library (because we know throwing a real wedding party inside the library can be quite challenging, almost impossible). You can start by using library checkout cards with a personalized stamp as escort cards. Then you can go further as far as your imagination like using stacks of thick old books, bookshelves, library card cabinet drawers, and even typewriter as centerpieces. You can opt to use library lamps as your lightings and dark-wood bulky tables if you’re having a sit-down party.


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The theme itself is already a unique one, so why not making it into a more whimsy kind of feeling, but still very geeky.  Books are actually versatile items. You could put books for each guest so they could read a page or two while waiting for dinner to be served. Turning them into wedding favors is also a great way to share your love for books. If you could find some old books that were waiting to be recycled from a local bookstore, you can turn them into a kind of hanging decoration, draping over here and there and create a magical ambiance to the venue.


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Anyway, it is your time to book it to the altar, so you can be as geeky as possible or go big and fantastically over the top with the theme and your imagination. Because, like Stifyn Emrys said, “Books build a stairway to your imagination.”


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