As sweet as honey


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“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” –Victor Hugo

Thinking of adding more sweetness to your wedding? Why not highlighting the sweetness of honey and creating the fun of buzzing bees? A love celebration doesn’t have to be all romantic and glamour, the whole idea of honeybee-inspired brings a refreshing concept for a wedding. There are tons of inspirations to create a meant-to-bee wedding and we’re going to show you some of our favorite inspirations.



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When it comes to the color palette, we can play off all the shades of the honey.  It can be deep shades of amber or rich and golden. You’re also can use the tone-down notes to pastel ones such as pale yellow, peach and light orange. Any combination of these shades will be complimented by other neutral colors like white, brown, or grey.


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Not only honey is so unique in color, the theme of honey bee is versatile to be paired with other style to create a one-of-a-kind wedding concept. Why don’t you spread more joy to the classic rustic chic style? A fall wedding is also great with a little splash of honey-themed wedding to add a warmer feel to the whole concept. You can carry the theme throughout with subtle details that are not overdone, let the guests love little hints here and there. If you prefer a more whimsical feel, insert that bee theme into desserts, ring bearer pillows, and all the printed collaterals.



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Another great way to add the finishing touch to your wedding is with the honeybee-inspired favors so that people will enjoy and can use in a variety of ways. It could be jars of organic raw honey with the dippers, honey soap bars, candle beeswax, honey-scented lip balm, and many more. The bride also can have the queen bee look by using honeybee or honeycomb accented pieces like headbands, broaches, bobby pins and even bracelets and earrings. Have a little bit of fun with bees buzzing around but don’t go overkill. The whole look of your wedding party should contain just the right dose of sweet, or it will end up like a kid’s birthday party.


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