Forever Celebration


Indian weddings are famous for being elaborate, celebratory colorful and fun. It almost always seems never ending because it took days to celebrate.

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Styling Table 101


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When it comes to wedding tables, there are so many ways you can go. And truth be told, there will never be a wedding table that looks identical unless maybe one couple loves a certain look and purposefully recreates it. Continue reading


Let it Glow


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Candles have a romantic feel to them, so incorporating candles into your wedding will give a passionate ambiance. Continue reading


Spot-on Cotton!


There’s something unique about cotton thus it became a trendy stuff in wedding decoration. Maybe you’re one of those who probably never look at cotton as a classy touch to a wedding, but it is actually something fun to work with. Continue reading


Branch Out


Have you ever walked through a wedding reception and felt that sense of both comfort and uniqueness? Ever wanted that sort of feel for your own wedding? Sometimes that vibe can be easily created through using tree branches. If you want a rustic feel to your wedding, try incorporating tree branches. You can make it as subtle as you want or as loud as you want if you want a big impact. That is how flexible they are! Continue reading