Branch Out


Have you ever walked through a wedding reception and felt that sense of both comfort and uniqueness? Ever wanted that sort of feel for your own wedding? Sometimes that vibe can be easily created through using tree branches. If you want a rustic feel to your wedding, try incorporating tree branches. You can make it as subtle as you want or as loud as you want if you want a big impact. That is how flexible they are!


There are so many areas you can blend the branches to, practically anywhere and everywhere. They are so adaptable because they come in all sorts of shapes and size with all kinds of textural goodness.


You can add it to the entrance area creating an arch using the the branches. This will be the area in which your guests will walk through. Can’t you almost taste what a magical moment that would be?


Also, add the branches to the aisles. This will create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere all in one. You can use a variety of branches such as birch branches, vines, manzanita, curly willow, you don’t have to just stick with one.


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Next, you can add them to your table centerpieces along with other rustic styled flowers such as baby’s breath, wildflowers, berries. To top it altogether add candles in the center for the ultimate romantic environment.


You can even add them to your wedding backdrop to create the perfect focal point of your reception. Throw in those hanging crystal or fairy lights to make it even more enchanting. It’s really all about your imagination and creativity. There is really no limit to what you can achieve.


Tree branches can be extremely versatile. So whichever feel you are going for, whether it be a formal event or a more laidback one, it will still be able to tie in everything beautifully. Go ahead and branch out!


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