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Celebrate your marriage under the golden majestic setting of Egypt as a fierce, exotic and beautiful bride. If you truly believe in all that glitter IS gold, you must take on an Egyptian themed wedding.


Although there are six other main color palettes that speaks to the Egyptians such as red, green, blue, yellow black and white. But to have a venue all decked out in gold will instantly transform it into Ancient Egypt.


A good way to start off the decoration planning is to decide which ancient Egyptian story do you want to go with. For instance, if you choose to go with Nefertiti then you could create a very Egyptian filled background. So you could use pyramids, palm trees, desert and oasis at the back.


Don’t think that you have to go with a traditional Egyptian wedding dress because you can definitely go for something modern. You can wear a white wedding dress but play around with cool accessories. As for the make-up, you can go for a Cleopatra-esque type of look. And definitely look into wearing golden hair pieces to add that extra something for an Egyptian goddess look.


Flowers that were very popular back in Ancient Egypt were lotus blossoms and papyrus. Beautifully place those flowers around the venue to make the venue look livelier. A fun little idea would be to add small Egyptian pyramids too.

Now there’s nothing that would make the Egyptian theme more complete than to play Egyptian music. For guests that aren’t familiar with the culture, it may help them understand and be more in tune with the theme.


For the wedding favors, you could give away Egyptian cookies. It’s something nice that your guests can take away from.

The Egyptian wedding is definitely not your everyday type of wedding. It’s perfect for the couple who wants to venture a little bit to be bold bold and gold.



Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Photo Source : Pinterest.com

Photo Source : Pinterest.com

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