Once Upon A Dream


We believe that every girl grew up weaving their dream wedding. We don’t know how or when they started to weave it. We don’t know if they carry their dreams with them over the years, or if they’ve tucked it in the corner of their minds, but Continue reading


Accepting Your Man’s Honesty

IMG_5190 copy

Honesty is a great quality to have and one that we often look for in our partner. We would love nothing more than to be with a man that tells us the truth. We would even go as far as to ask and encourage our partners to be open with us about their thoughts and feelings. But how often is it that when we do hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth that we end up feeling angry and disappointed with what we have heard? Continue reading


Table Talks!


A standing party isn’t something you fancy having on your wedding day? Then you must give yourself some time to focus on setting the tables and styling them pretty! Continue reading




Who doesn’t want a relationship free of arguments, fights and disagreements? If we could have it our way, all of us would just get along and be on the same page. Continue reading


Wedding Aisle Runners


Making the entrance as a bride can be one of the most beautiful moments of your wedding. The amazing part of all is that you get to create how that moment can look and feel like for you as well as all the guests. This is where the decoration to the wedding aisle runner can really set the tone to your walkContinue reading