Accepting Your Man’s Honesty

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Honesty is a great quality to have and one that we often look for in our partner. We would love nothing more than to be with a man that tells us the truth. We would even go as far as to ask and encourage our partners to be open with us about their thoughts and feelings. But how often is it that when we do hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth that we end up feeling angry and disappointed with what we have heard?

It is easy to accept the truth when our partner shares something that we like or agree with, but as soon as the truth is not so pleasant to hear, we bash at our man and make a problem out of it. Having a partner that gets mad whenever the truth is told, will eventually make a man learn to filter his honesty and keep certain things to himself. If what you want is an open and honest relationship where your partner is completely transparent with you, then you must learn to be able to accept and respect your man’s honesty.

By accepting your partner’s openness with you and not always freaking out, you are showing that you are willing to make the relationship work and that you take them for who they are. Accepting what your partner is saying without attacking them at every turn does not mean you agree with them; it just simply means that you embrace their honesty. If you feel that your partner does not take your feelings into consideration with the way he delivers the truth, then by all means speak to him about it.

Accepting and respecting your man’s honesty will not only build a stronger bond between the two of you, but it will also build trust on both sides. When you are able to hear the truth and respect it (even if you may not understand it), your man will appreciate it so much more and he will be more willing to continue with his honesty.

At the end of the day, loving someone means loving all of who they are, the good and the bad. So, learn to love your partner with all that he has and all that he is. Accept -and you will have honesty. After all, one cannot exist without the other.




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