Marry someone who…

Marry someone who…

  1. Loves God above all else. We all want to marry good guys. But how do you know if he’s really good? Well, there’s never a guarantee. But we think that if he loves God, and lives by His way (like, really lives by it and not “pretend” to live by it), he must have a good heart.
  2. Works hard. Or work smart. Either way, marry someone who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in work to make a living. Because, while money isn’t everything, financial stability is one of the keys to a successful marriage.
  3. Cries in front of you. If he puts on a mask for the rest of the world to see, that’s okay. But marry the one who is comfortable enough to be vulnerable with you and to show his true feelings.
  4. Fights with you. Marry someone who cares enough to argue with you. Because arguments are really about expressing different viewpoints. When he understands your and you understand his, that’s when your relationship become stronger.
  5. Gives you a shoulder to cry on. Marry the person you want beside you when your world comes tumbling down. Marry the one who can give you the bear hug you need or calms you down when you’re angry or comforts you when you’re upset.
  6. Tells you off. Sure, we like people who accepts us just as we are. But marry someone who cares enough to make you a better person. Not someone who will change you, but someone who will motivate you and who desires to see you become a better version of yourself.
  7. Supports you. Marry the one who will jump in with both legs and swim with you in your pool of crazy ideas. Because life is an adventure and you want to spend it with someone who will stand with you through it all.
  8. Listens to music. Okay, this one is biased. But we think that people who listens to music are less stressed, less prone to depression, and have an overall emotional stability.

But above these eight points, marry the one who truly loves you.




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