My Fiancé is Annoying Me!


In relationships, sometimes no matter how happy you are with someone or how much their personality just clicks with yours, there will be times when you may feel easily irritated by them and you don’t even know why. All of a sudden you find yourself getting annoyed at the things you used to find endearing about your partner. For instance, you used to like how talkative he is but now you just wish he could talk a little less. Feeling some form of irritation here and there is a very normal process of being in a relationship. However, if you feel some form of guilt for feeling this way, here are a few things you may want to take into consideration to understand your irritation a little more.

1. Bottling up certain feelings.
Feeling easily irritated may indicate that there is something else you are mad at your partner about. Ask yourself if whether or not your partner has done something to upset you, which hasn’t been resolved. If there is something else that you want to talk to your partner about then make sure he knows about it. When we do not communicate our feelings towards our partner, eventually our anger/irritation will show up in other ways, one of which is through feeling easily annoyed by the little things.

2. Spending all of the time you have with each other.
In any type of relationships, spending too much time together is bound to cause feelings of irritation. You may prefer to spend all of your time with your partner, but it is important for you to have your own space and time to yourself as well. If you are feeling drained at the moment because you haven’t had any time for yourself, you will have less patience and understanding for anyone else, let alone your partner. So, fill up those batteries of yours and give yourself some much needed ‘me time’.

3. What you are irritated by may reflect what you dislike about yourself.

Sometimes the things we find most annoying about other people are in fact the things we dislike about ourselves and try to hide away. You may feel easily annoyed at your partner being silly and joking around a lot because to you it is important to be more serious. When you begin to look into yourself, you will see that your irritations have nothing to do with your partner – but more on what you needed to come to terms within yourself.

4. Be careful not to attack your partner.
If you are starting to snap easily at your partner because you feel annoyed, it is vital to communicate your feelings with your partner. Whether or not you feel that some changes need to be made, make sure you speak in a diplomatic manner instead of attacking him as a person. Remember that it is his behaviour that bothers you – not who he is. The last thing your partner needs to feel is that he can no longer be himself around you.


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