Persevere, Partner Up, Talk!


When you are in a happy, loving and healthy relationship it can be the most wonderful experience in the world. No issues seem to be too big for you and your partner to handle because the relationship itself is strong enough to overcome any internal issues. However, like every relationship, no matter how smooth things are going between the two of you, there will always be something else that challenges the commitment you both share together. If the issues do not stem from you or your partner such as, trust, lack of communication, controlling behaviour, etc. they would then stem from outside of the relationship. These problems outside of the relationship can include disapproval of family members, distance, instability of jobs/income, and/or sickness. It can be especially difficult when the issues you have don’t come from either of you, so let us share with you three things you need to have to overcome issues that are out of you and your partner’s control.

Perseverance. In order to get through any difficulties in life, especially those that you have a lack of control over, you both must have an attitude of perseverance. It is important that you and your partner persevere through the issues together because over time one of you may feel like giving up and it is up the other partner to provide support. Begin with an attitude that you both will get through this no matter how tough it may be at times and the rest will follow.

Partnership. Due to the reason that the issues stem from outside of the relationship, it is important to see each other as partners during these troubled times. As we all know, two heads are better than one in solving any conflicts. Having a partnership with your spouse will allow you both to get through the issues quicker and more effectively. Turn to each other for support because the moment you begin to turn against one another is the moment you allow the problems to affect your relationship internally.

Communication. Because you both want to be each other’s number one supporters, it is vital that you work on strengthening the communication. As much as your attitude and perception matter, another important ingredient any relationship will need in order to overcome difficulties is to have regular and open communication. The way you communicate with your partner regarding your thoughts and your feelings must be on a regular basis and must be handled with an open mind. Again, the moment you keep things away from your partner the moment you allow a lot of misunderstandings and assumptions to creep into the relationship. Be open with each other in communication and you fill find the relationship feeling strong enough to get through outside issues.

Although issues from out of the relationship may be a bit harder to deal with due to lack of control – remember that the focus should still be on strengthening the relationship itself. Persevere, partner up and keep the communication going and you will already have a strong foundation to get through those external issues.


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