Just Married

The first year of marriage can be the sweetest and happiest year of your life. But it can also be one of your weirdest year too.  There’s so much need for adjustment within the first twelve months of your married life.

Here are our TOP 5 things that you can look forward to after kicking off your dancing shoes at your wedding:

1. The honeymoon phase

The tingling feeling you felt during your wedding may still linger on. You’ll go on vacation, just the two of you, to unwind after the stresses of wedding planning. At this time, you can expect to be deliriously happy, and live without a care in the world, because as long as you’ve got each other, you probably have everything that you need. Enjoy your honeymoon, and let that tingling feeling stay for as long as it can.

2. The adjustment period

You’re back from your honeymoon and you will return to your daily routines. Your life might not drastically change. You will, however, begin to notice a few ‘inconveniences’ in sharing a home – and a life – without someone new. On the plus side, you will always have someone to share romantic moments and be together with.

3. The losing of friends

You might be the first out of your friends to be married. And because marriage requires a whole other perspective to life, you might no longer connect with those who aren’t running in the same race as you are. You might find that it is hard to stay in touch with your friends. But fret not – for the best ones will always stay with you. Even with friendship, choose quality over quantity.

4. The “It’s okay!” Mantra

After a few months of moving from phases to phases – from honeymoon to adjustment – you might find marriage to be a little consuming, yet tiring at the same time. You might find yourself trying hard to be strong for each other, learning to trust and comfort each other a little more everyday. And you’ll tell yourself that “it’s okay” to not always be perfect. The moment you present your weaknesses together, that’s when you will find how strong you are because of each other.

5. The Welcome of the Relaxed

You will find that the best part of marriage is the omitting of the relationship drama. No more break ups, no more games. You can actually enjoy some comfortable silence, sit back and stay relaxed in life, knowing that there will always be at least one person in this world who will love you just as you are.






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