Having cold feet?

You’re approaching your big day and suddenly you’re not too sure anymore.

Is he really the one?
Are you doing the right thing?
Are you settling for less?
Is what you have a good thing?
Will your marriage last?

A thousand and one questions come across your mind and you’re feeling just a little scared.

Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s perfectly normal! To be overwhelmed by all the nitty gritty details of wedding planning and to be stressed out by bringing two sets of family and friends together, that’s all perfectly normal. It’s not easy that in the midst of that, you allow negative thoughts enter your mind and make you doubt your decision or question the strength of your relationship.

In all of those noise, try to stop and breathe. Take a quiet moment, just the two of you –  away from family and friends, away from all the hectic planning, away from making decisions about the wedding – to just be together. Take some time off from your bride-to-be role to just be his girlfriend. Take the time to talk, to hold his hand, or to just lay your head on his shoulders.

After that, perhaps all you really feel is awesome. After that, perhaps everything in your world is good again. After that, perhaps, all those questions that had entered your mind were nothing.

There’s no remedy for cold feet. The only way to make it go away is to still your mind and address it head on. Still your mind. Quiet the doubt. And come out of it stronger together than ever.

Good luck!



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