Questions you need to ask before saying “I Do”

Is he the one? Is he Mr. Right or is he Mr. Right Now? We often hear of people wondering if they’re doing the right thing when deciding to marry someone. There’s never any right or wrong answers to that. Sometimes, the person you fell in love and decide to spend the rest of your life with is no one from your childhood dreams. Sometimes, you might fall for the most unlikeliest of persons. But can it still work? We think so! We’ve seen couples who didn’t seem like they belong with each other at first, but after a while realize that they couldn’t be more perfect lovfor each other. We’re no relationship expert, but we know that the key is in sorting out the fundamentals.

We’ve put down 5 fundamental areas you need to agree upon and understand where each other stands before getting hitched:

  1. Spiritual beliefs –  Do you have a clear understanding of each other’s spiritual beliefs and needs? Do you know how you’re going to expose your children to religious education?
  2. Financial – Are you both in good financial conditions? Do you have debts that need to be sorted out? Do you have a clear idea of each other’s financial goal and obligations? Do you understand each other’s spending and saving habits?
  3. Health – Are you both in good physical conditions? Have you both disclosed your health history – both physically and mentally?
  4. Expectations – Have you discussed the objective of your marriage and your expectations of running the household? Who will manage the chores or take care of the children? Does he know your expectations of romance and how to fulfil your needs?
  5. Commitment – Are you both committed to the relationship? Do you trust each other enough to know that whatever storm may come through your life that you will never leave each other?

Belonging with someone begins with the decision to belong, followed by decision to commit. Having sorted out the fundamentals only helps with smoother journey.




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