A Friendly Valentine

The 14th of February. A global celebration of love, also known as Valentine’s Day.

It’s also the day most common for people to wallow in self-pity because they don’t have anyone to show up at their doorstep holding a giant paper heart. It’s the day where people feel sorry for themselves because they didn’t have any big celebrations planned out. That makes us feel sorry, to be honest. Not because they don’t have a spouse or significant other, but because nobody should ever have to go through life without feeling loved.

What does being loved mean anyway? How did we get to putting love in a box and defining a romantic relationship between a man and a woman is the only one that matters?

Let’s not forget about the impromptu coffee dates with your girlfriends that can go on for hours as you talked about anything and everything in between. Or the late night phone calls to your best friend as you gushed about a boy you met in class. Or that time you and your best friends spent the weekend watching reruns on televisions as you stuff yourself to numb the pain of a heartbreak and sing along to sappy love songs.

Because that’s a relationship that matters too. Relationships that doesn’t end up in a marriage is just as important as the ones that do. To have someone who will accept us just as we are and with whom nothing has to be explained and still thoroughly understood, is one of life’s greatest blessings. To have a friend to never share awkward moments, only laughter, is truly a gift.

So what if you don’t have a man on Valentine’s day? Who is to say that our Valentine needs to be a man? Your best girlfriends can be your Valentine. Take this moment to celebrate your friendship, a relationship that have withstood many moments in your lives.

Buy each other a box of chocolates. Pop open a bottle of red. Go out there and have a fancy dinner. Because a celebration of love isn’t only about those who kiss on the lips – it’s about those who share hearts.




PS: Exclusive for Valentine’s Day, Butterfly also open to decorate tables for 6 – 10 pax. We’ll set up your tables at the venue of your choice and pretty it up with a table runner, a centerpiece made up of fresh imported flowers, candles, stationery and other pretty little things. For more info, please call or drop us an email.


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