6 Best Alternative Valentine’s Flowers to Roses

Photo Source : pinterest.com

Flowers are very common for Valentine’s Day gift, and roses are the most popular Valentine’s Flower, especially the red ones. Red roses symbolize energy, passion, and deep love. But did you know that there are many other flowers for you to choose as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

White Lilies

White lilies symbolize purity and devotion. By the look, they’re very chic and elegant.


Either light red, dark red, or even white, carnations are the good alternative to roses. To show how you admire your loved one, light red carnations represent admiration. If you’re deeply in love with him, dark red represents deep love and affection, while the white carnations represent pure love.

Baby’s Breath

Known as the “filler” flowers for bouquets and centerpieces, baby’s breath is the symbol of long lasting love and purity. When you have them arranged without adding other flowers, your bouquet will turn out to be very unique and lovely, suitable for Valentine’s Day gift.


Daisy has a joyful and cheerfulness. Give them as a Valentine’s Gift for a friend and they will give a simple pleasure to look at.


In general, tulips symbolize perfect love, but the one that strongly associated with true love is the red one.


This type of flower symbolize a sign of beauty, first love, and fragile passion.

Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate love and what could be better to declare your love with flowers. Give these flower bouquets to your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day and watch to love blossom.