Who doesn’t want a relationship free of arguments, fights and disagreements? If we could have it our way, all of us would just get along and be on the same page. But, we live in the real world and unfortunately, like any relationships a romantic one is definitely never free of quarrels. So, how do we best handle when arguments knock on our doors? Some say that it is not wise to go to bed still feeling angry however, sometimes sleep may just be what we need to have a clear mind and have the energy to solve the issue.

The important distinction should be whether or not you both are actually getting somewhere with the argument. The decision might be better if it relies on whether or not you and your partner are communicating effectively, listening to each other’s concerns and trying to find a way to resolve the problem. If you both are actually starting to come to a solution, then by all means proceed. Do not put the talk on pause. However, if by the time it is already midnight or way past your bedtime and neither one of you are budging, then it may be best to sleep on it.

You don’t necessarily have to go to bed feeling angry, even if you decide to finish the argument in the morning. To put your argument on hold for the night as you try to get rid of the negative emotions before bed might actually be a better resolution. In order to do this, you can let your partner know that you love them and that you are sorry for the misunderstanding, but you feel that it would be best if you both discuss it in the morning instead when you have more time.

Having one night of sleep can actually help enhance your decision-making abilities as you can actually deal with it in a more conscious way the next day. In this case, it is completely fine to go to bed before coming to a solution, as long as you both talk about it the next day with a clear head. So, when you are about to lose hours and hours of much needed sleep, remember that by cooling off for the night, you and your partner are actually making the decision to save the relationship.




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