What is romance?

Welcome to February – the most romantic of all months. We believe that within these few weeks, you will be hearing the word “romantic” a lot. Because of that, we thought we might share with you a little about our thoughts on romance.


What does romance mean? Romance is the story of you. It differs from one couple to another, because the idea of it is different even from one person to another. Romance is uniquely you. It cannot be fabricated or made up. It is personal and individual and it shouldn’t feel forced. Romance is about reminding your partner about why they fell in love with you in the first place.


Just as everyone shift and change over time, so does the idea of romance. What might seemed romantic when you first met, might no longer be the same after a few years of being together. As you evolve, the definition of romance will shift for you too. Being romantic means to change and to do what doesn’t come easy or naturally for you. You can say that romance is in the effort.


The tricky part about romance is that the idea of it varies. What you think is romantic, might not be necessarily so for your partner. The key is to communicate often. Talk a lot. Never stop getting to know each other. Always learn about each other’s definition of romance. That way you can stay romantic all the time.


One of the most universally romantic gesture ever would be to say it with flowers. Flowers will speak for you even when you can’t. And it will always be deemed romantic. If you’re a guy, and you ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon this blog, you’re in luck! Because in anticipation for the most romantic season of the year, we offer hand bouquets that can be customized with your girlfriend or wife’s favorite blooms. Isn’t that just convenient for you? You’ll be romantic, and we’ll be happy just seeing you happy. You’re welcome! :)




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