Once Upon A Dream


We believe that every girl grew up weaving their dream wedding. We don’t know how or when they started to weave it. We don’t know if they carry their dreams with them over the years, or if they’ve tucked it in the corner of their minds, but when they have become women, and when they have met that one person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with, the memories of their dream wedding come rushing back to them. And they know exactly what kind of wedding they want to have.



They can picture everything so vividly – the venue, the dress, the little ornaments – everything they ever thought of when they were just little girls playing pretend weddings with pillow cases as veils, they can see.



We just love to hear about stories of dream weddings. We get a tingly feeling, like magical sparks, whenever we hear brides talk about their dream wedding, with gleaming eyes. We shiver, not only because we can imagine just how beautiful it will be, but because our hearts are bursting with excitement to turn that dream wedding into a reality.


One of our most recent wedding projects have left us with a shiver even until today. The wedding of Yudhi and Maria. Maria, just like all brides, have held on to a dream wedding since she was but a little girl playing pretend.



Hers was magical … a fairytale wedding, with woodland creatures as witnesses, softly-colored petals, night winds singing lullabies, and a milky way sky. We transformed the outdoor venue at Aryaduta into a magical wonderland. White deers at the photo booth, an array of pink flowers, and tables set under fairy lights.


Magical. Shivers. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make your dream wedding come true.




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