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Europe is commonly considered to be home to some of the world’s most romantic cities. Every corner has something for every hopeless romantic. Beside the history and romanticism, the continent has a lot of places for wandering along hand in hand, picturesque backdrop of beautiful architecture, seductive surroundings that are sensual to tease and tantalize each of your senses.

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When this lovely couple told us that they wanted to have a European-themed wedding, we knew we should highlight the romantic vibe and add vintage classic touches. It’s a celebration of love after all so it’s supposed to be romantic.

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We transformed the wedding venue into the ever-ending romance and classic style that the old continent reminisces. Guests were welcomed and walk through an arch with touch of dripping crystals, lushly greeneries and white flowers.

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Located in Indonesia Room, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, the wedding was a beautiful moment, wrapped in the combination of white and green to create an elegant ambiance. White chest of drawers in baroque style and upholstered, curved shape chairs on the center stage, are definitely European classic.

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Special details were added to boost the vintage feel by placing antique landline phone, classic table clock and tiny wooden suitcase as part of the centerpieces.

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To add a more European feel to the venue, we used classic white street lamps and fences, while the dozens of white and gold roses on extra tall tiers wedding cake created a dramatic effect. We also set up a boulangerie window as photo booth where guests took pictures as if they were in Paris.

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All in all, it was a gracefully elegant but simple reception. The whole decoration made it so romantic. We’re so grateful to be part of the happy couple’s big day. Congratulations to Yoshua and Marina on their wedding day!


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