Glitzy Gold

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Colors can trigger the most significant feelings and sometimes it happens subconsciously. While other times they can signify different things.

The color gold, for instance, is often associated with prosperity, sparkle and glamour. This was the feel Vega and Gomez wanted for their wedding, they chose to go with the Glitzy Gold theme.

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They held their wedding at Esa Unggul Ballroom. It was obvious that upon entering the ballroom, the whole venue automatically lit up.  A lot of soft colors were used to compliment the elegant nature of the decoration. And of course, how could we forget about the floral backdrop. They wanted to keep things simple and let the colors speak for themselves. They didn’t want to have too much going on for the décor.

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It was a sit down wedding reception and the table décor they chose to go with were really minimal and classy too. Even for their centerpieces, they didn’t want to put too many things and it was great because it really made the area look more spacious.

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A little fun fact about the couple is that their first encounter with one another was in front of their church, Gereja Santo Yohanes Penginjil. And guess what? They got married at that very church for their holy matrimony, it’s only fitting they did right?

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Also, Gomez is from the Flores Island. Therefore, they wanted to pay tribute to their culture. So they added touches of Kain Tenun Ikat, a traditional attire from Flores to their outfits. For the entertainment portion of their wedding reception, they chose to perform a traditional dance number known as the Rokatenda dance for those who came. Their guests even joined in on the fun too.

We had a blast making this wedding a memorable experience for our couple under all of the glitz and glamour.


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