Life is a Party


They say that life is a party. That was one of the quotes Viray and Shreya lived by as they celebrated the beginning of their marriage, with party after party.  

Their three-day celebration was nothing short of a magnificent soiree. It was held at the Ayana Resorts in Bali.

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They hosted a welcome dinner for their wedding guests at the Serai Beach on the first night. The décor for this was Balinese using white and yellow colors. They got to enjoy a private dinner with their beloved friends and family.

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For the second day, they chose to go with a pool party at H20 Ayana. They wanted to have more of a relaxed setting before their big and final day. The theme for this was traditional Indian using the colors rose, gold and marigold.

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In the evening, they had a sangeet event as well. For this, they went with a fun theme of Indian pop art. They wanted to keep things extremely interesting and artsy but still pay tribute to their Indian heritage. There were a lot of vibrant colors which is true to the Indian culture.

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For the final day during their wedding ceremony, they chose to use the same colors as their pool party. This was a more intimate event for their guests to witness the celebration of their marriage.

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In the evening, they hosted their wedding reception. Now this was the cherry on top of everything as they chose to top it off with a big bang. They went with a classy and elegant theme. It was a sit down wedding which allowed more intimacy. The main color used was purple which naturally created a very royal feel to the venue. They even featured a floral backdrop in the ballroom which seems to be the favorite nowadays.

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Being a part of Viraj and Shreya’s three-day affair has definitely taught us to truly work hard and party harder.


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