Three Celebrations, One Big Love

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Colors influence emotions. Every color on the wheel can trigger different feelings and symbolize various things. Resham and Wadhah’s wedding was nothing short of colorful. They embarked on a three-day event to celebrate their marriage at the Serai Beach in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Traditional Indians are known to be long and commemorated for three days usually. On Resham and Wadhah’s first night, there was a welcome dinner for their closest family and friends. They chose to go with an Indian village theme to connect back to their ancestry roots. A lot of warm and colors were used such as orange, yellow and red. You could tell from entering the venue that it was meant to be a very personal and intimate night.

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For the second day of the wedding, they threw a beach party at the Rhu Bar Beach. This was a more relaxed setting where all of their guests could fully enjoy themselves and unwind to truly celebrate. During this party, they used a lot of greeneries such as leaves, white flowers and hanging decorations to complete the effortless environment. The use of greens and whites allowed the ambience to feel pure, easy and calm.

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On their final celebration, they topped it off with a reception dinner. The finale was breathtaking. A lot of flowers were used and they had a lot of fun with using soft colors such as pink and white. They even had a floral backdrop that was drop dead gorgeous. The table centerpieces were filled with an assortment of beautiful flower arrangements. It made the wedding venue so magical, welcoming and incredible. The lighting in the room was very warm and chandeliers could be seen hung across the ceilings of the wedding hall too.

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Resham and Wadhah’s three-day wedding was spectacular and full of life. This was all because of the colors they used to honor their harmony of forever love.




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