Sundanese Wedding with a Modern Twist


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The world keeps changing along with time that goes so fast. Everything keeps evolving; saying hello to the new and good bye to the old. Wedding styles and trends are no different; it is always changing.

At times culture is abandoned for the sake of modern ways. However, there is always a way to maintain both. Our couple this time, Reza and Indy, is Sundanese, which is a tribe from West Java. They want their wedding to be both modern and traditional.

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One of the most popular wedding themes at the moment is rustic. Reza and Indy used this theme in combination with Sundanese for their wedding, which works really well together as the key aspect of both is wood. The rustic decorations are in the form of crates, picture frames, and logs. Meanwhile, there are Sundanese princess statues and the centre stage has a carved wall in traditional style.

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Apart from the main themes, the wedding is also decorated in various green leaves and plants that are used to make the area more natural and wild against all the wood. As a result the wedding has an outdoor feel to it. Reza and Indy love travelling, photography, and soft blue; therefore we have added blue drapes and blue hydrangeas, too. Their wedding truly symbolizes where they come from and who they are.

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This wedding is a good example of how the old can be mixed with the new and how different cultures can work together. Rustic is a western theme, while Sundanese is eastern. So, although it is nice to keep up with what the current trend is, we can still pay tribute to our ethnicity. The outcome is a unique wedding that represents who we are.

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As a side note, Reza and Indy had us decorate their engagement beforehand. They are satisfied clients, indeed!


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