Chic Chinoiserie


Answer this: what should be the “WOW” factor in a wedding? The venue, you say? Nope. Did somebody say the decoration? Uh-uh. If you answer the bride and groom, then you are correct! Sometimes all the furniture, the flower arrangements, and the bits and bobs in a wedding can be overwhelming, and thus take the focus away from what really should be the center of attention.
A wedding is all about the couple after all! For the wedding of Rangga and Grania in JS Luwansa Hotel in Jakarta, we wanted to achieve just that.


The couple requested a peranakan theme. Peranakan are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore among others. However, Rangga and Grania also wanted colonial style mixed in. Therefore, we used chinoiserie in their wedding. We attempted this by using colonial style furniture and Chinese porcelain as decorations. Chinese porcelain usually has its own trademark with white and blue colors. To make the blue pop, everything else in the room was white, pink or peach.


The chosen theme and the simplicity of the décor really make the wedding look chic, while at the same time allow the couple to be the focal point. As guests enter the ballroom, they follow a path of white rose petals. On the sides of the walkway are tall flower pots and elegant street lamps which lead all the way to the stage (some weddings don’t have this). It means that when guests arrive, they go straight to the newly-weds, not the food buffet.


As we can see, wedding décor doesn’t have to be massive or overpowering. Even with something minimal, you can achieve a stylish look by only adding nice touches to the venue. The key is to choose a place that is already beautiful on its own. Oh, and hire a good decorator, of course!


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