Tea Ceremony Ideas

In a traditional Chinese culture, tea ceremony is the most significant of events in a wedding. It is an event to express respect and gratitude to the elders of the bride and groom for all the years of growing up with love and care. Moreover, the tea ceremony itself holds such deep meaning. Tea is the symbol of purity, stability and fertility. These are the good wishes for the new couple as they embark on their new life together as husband and wife.

A tea ceremony can be done in a very simple at home event to a lavishly decorated affair and there are a lot of options for decorating your tea ceremony space. The key is to keep a couple of its most important elements in mind: dominant red and gold colors with the double happiness symbol, the phoenix and dragon motifs. You can drape red silk scarves at the entrance or as a backdrop. You can hand out red rice-paper parasols to your guests in an outdoor setting. The decor choices for tea ceremonies are truly endless, so don’t lock yourself in a box and let’s get creative.


We’ve put together a compilation of the tea ceremony decor that we’ve done in the past, a few looks that we really loved. The color red dominated the scene and the Chinese elements provided the nice finishing touch.

Oh, and you know, with the Chinese New Year festivities coming up, you can take cues from these tea ceremony looks to set the ambiance in your home. Drape on some red silk,  put on a few Chinese lanterns, splash on some gold and you should be all set for the celebration. If you need any help with your Chinese New Year decor, you know where to find us.




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