Company Function with Pacific World


We’ve done many wedding decorations throughout the years and each one was a special one to our heart. But when the opportunity to create a non-wedding decoration like this came into our table, we also want it to be treated as special as wedding décor. It may seem like a job that has to be done but for us, it’s beyond that. We’re very passionate about what we do. We coordinate everything into one theme – from the draping and décor to the flowers, candles, balloons in meticulous detail, just to make sure that your function becomes a unique and memorable occasion.


We feel very humble and honored to decorate a corporate function for Pacific World at Herbs Garden in Fairmont Hotel. Our client asked for a Betawi theme capturing Jakarta look and we passionately expressed the concept of their welcome dinner standing party. As we all know Jakarta is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions and Betawi is the indigenous people of Jakarta. The Betawi have assimilated different cultures in their daily life, arts, music and traditions, all of them created a colorful city loved by its people.


One thing that is inseparable from Betawi art form is, of course, Ondel-ondel. These giant puppets are the icon of Jakarta and Betawi culture and tradition. So when we’re told that we’re having a Betawi theme event, Ondel-ondel was at the top of our minds. We brought a pair of Ondel-ondel, as they always come in pairs – male and female. Both wore bright and colorful traditional attires and the typical Malay spiked headdress called kembang kelapa. Without a doubt, the Ondel-ondel were the focal point of the décor and instantly grabbed many attentions from the guests.


To make the whole decoration cohesive with the theme and look simply festive, we added distinctive decorative items that representing a rustic chic atmosphere. We threw a bamboo mat and placed several colorful cushions, carrying the colorful palette of  the Betawi kebaya as worn by None Jakarta. A batik-patterned cushions and tablecloths were also used to the decoration. We put some kampong household appliances as decorative items to bring out the traditional feeling like the traditional oil lamp, kerupuk canisters in many colors, traditional enamel tea set, bamboo winnows or tampah and bamboo tables.  Electric lamps were used when the sun set, but to add a warm, intimate and more ‘kampong’ feeling, we lit the oil lamp and torches also made from bamboo.


We succeeded creating a small, simple and humble Betawi village in the venue and beyond grateful to be as part of our respectful client’s function. More than anything else, we’re so proud to be able to show the native Betawi heritages to the guests.


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