We’re so honored to be invited to take part in the Raffles Exhibition on May 15 – 17, 2015. This time we proudly showcased our concept of Chinoiserie style decoration. This Chinese artistic inspired style got modern twist without losing the traditional feel from some Chinese ornaments.

 IMG_8817                                  IMG_8872                  IMG_8903

The main color was white and it’s the perfect canvas for other secondary colors that we used such as pink, blue and green. We put wallpaper on canvas in dusty blue with cherry blossoms ornaments. Also on the walls, we hung some Chinese porcelain plates in white and dusty blue too.

                                 IMG_8899                  IMG_8895

                                 IMG_8892                  IMG_8891

                                 IMG_8890                  IMG_8889

The long dining table styled with four main elements: flowers and twigs, candles, Chinese porcelain vase, and chandelier. The main ornaments on the table were supposed to be the blue Chinese porcelain vases in different types and sizes. They definitely made the table stand out. Our flowers of choice, roses, tulips and hydrangeas and some twigs brought not only beauty but also nature into the room. White pillar candles in various heights and votive candles added warmth and intimacy, while chandeliers added to the dramatic atmosphere.


                                 IMG_8867                  IMG_8837

                                 IMG_8873                  IMG_8814

                                 IMG_8898                  IMG_8850

We also used chandeliers on the ceiling, paired with lots of flowers and twigs, to create a more dramatic and elegant atmosphere. Chandeliers was not only the non-Chinese ornament that we used here, we also used tall Roman vases on the background.  IMG_8824                                  IMG_8829                   IMG_8831IMG_8830

At this particular exhibition, we also got the honor to style other well-known tenants’ booths such as Bridestory, Partee Organiser, Eiffel Cake and David Entertainment. All of them were styled in white, Chinoiserie-themed but in a more simple yet still elegant way.

Hope you like it as much as we do.




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