Company Function with Gautama


For us, to decorate is to create an atmosphere that transforms any ordinary function into a work of art. As much as we love being part of a wedding and witnessing the celebration of love, we also very excited to decorate other celebrations like this corporate function. So when the opportunity to dazzle the client and their guests for this company function came to us, we believed we need to provide our best creative concept to satisfy them. We wanted to create a function that portrays excellence that will leave guests with unforgettable memory of ambience, style and hospitality.





It was an honor to play a role in Gautama’s event. We’re not only got the chance to work with a great client, but we also got to bring pieces of Indonesia in the concept. The theme of this event was “Indonesia through Our Eyes” and we came up with the idea to highlight the pride of our nation: Indonesia’s famous landmarks and traditional ancestral houses. Each province in Indonesia has iconic building. They are well-known for their rich cultural heritage that reflects Indonesia’s history and attracts so many tourists from around the country and the world.


When guests stepped into the venue, we wanted to create an instant Indonesian feeling. To achieve that, we used white fabric to cover the hall in the entryway with Batik fabric in different kinds but same warm tone colors to exude a warm welcome. The batik fabric was also used in the entrance table as table runner. Before entering to the main venue, guests were welcomed by the replica of the traditional Balinese Temple Gate or Gapura. It also functioned as photo booth so guests could take pictures in that spot.


The key décor for this event was on the stage inside the main hall. We decorated the stage by placing replicas of Indonesia’s iconic landmarks and traditional houses such as National Monument or also known as Monas, Bodobudur Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Padangnese House or known as Rumah Gadang, and Tongkonan or Torajan House. All in all, it’s totally a great experience we had in decorating this special event. We really hope that this one is memorable with a lasting impression to all the guests.


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