Grand celebration


“Go big or go home!” When it comes to celebrating, Anmol and Kirti sure know how to do it big! What better way to begin this new journey into marriage than to go all out and make the most out of what you have?


Anmol and Kirti wanted to honor every aspect of their relationship. What they have accomplished together in the past, the love they share in the present and the future they were about to embark upon together.



To make their vision come to life they celebrated their wedding in three different days with three different themes. Day one was their engagement and to honor the “past” the theme was all things vintage. The décor was decked out in beautiful colors of brown, champagne and red. Vintage was also prominent in the welcome dinner with colors of gold, off white and deep purple. The after party felt like we were back in the 1980s disco with the illuminated dance floor and vinyl records hung over the ceiling.


On the second day, Anmol and Kirti had their Sangeet by the beach with a Hawaiian-themed pool party. This day represented the present moment where the word festive was definitely what it felt like to be there! With surfboards, flowers placed inside pineapples, palm trees and vibrant colors of green, yellow and pink, it was like being in a tropical island!


On the third and last day, the couple had their Mandap ceremony and reception, as we honored the future. When we think of the future we think of bold navy blue color and white. A sleek and simplistic feel to the room was what we wanted to accomplish. It felt like we went on the time machine to the year 3000 as we turned the venue into the classic futuristic feel.



We always knew that traditional Indian weddings are the most festive. But Anmol and Kirti broke the record for sure. Thank you for having us at your celebration, Anmol and Kirti. It was an honor.




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