We are firm believers that this wedding will be one to stay in our memories for a really long time. It was so spectacular that even the word “spectacular” isn’t enough to describe it!

Mayur and Juhi went all out in their celebration of love and everyone who were invited into their festivities brought a piece of happiness home with them. We just feel really honored to be a part of it all. So, thank you, again, Mayur and Juhi, for having us.

We want to tell you a little bit about why this wedding is one of our recent favorites. Well, first of all… they opted for the vibrant colors that are usually present at Indian weddings, which we love. But best of all, they had four different parties with four different themes! FOUR! If you’re having a hard time deciding on a particular theme for your wedding, you might be inspired by this couple and have them all!


The traditional wedding ceremony was held by the beach. We created a stage with a traditional hindi rose gold backdrop. It stood majestically underneath the blue Bali sky, and made the venue seem like the most sacred place for such a holy event.






There were two parties at Mayur and Juhi’s string of wedding events. They opted for something more intimate, filled only with their family and closest friends. The first one was a dinner party, for which they chose a Blue Peacock Winter theme. We set up long tables and decorated it with blue hues of winter. The grandest element of that particular event was set in the entrance of the venue – a blue peacock made entirely out of flowers. We’re going to push all modesty aside here and tell you just how proud we are of that creation.




The party got wilder during the traditional Sangeet where it is customary for everyone to get down and party. Black, gold and rose red decorated the scene. It was classy and elegant as well as it was inviting.




We loved all three themes. However, we have kept the best for last. At the reception, their chosen theme was Alice in Wonderland. We don’t have to tell you how marvelous this theme was. The Queen of Hearts, floors, giant mushrooms… it felt like stepping into a fairy tale land where the two lovebirds just seemed even more radiant.

You’d think that it was the reception that made it feel like wonderland. But in truth, it was the whole entire event that made it feel like we were in wonderland.

Congratulations again, Mayur and Juhi. Thanks again for having us!




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