Festive Elegance

It’s no secret that we love Indian weddings here at Butterfly. Usually, we’d tell you what we love most about it would be the endless festivities and the vibrant bursts of color in the decor. But, ask us about Vishal and Leena’s wedding, and we’d tell you that we absolutely love the choices they made for the different themes at their wedding. We’re not going to lie to you; at first we were caught a little off guard with their ideas for the wedding decor. It was so unexpected.This one is special because it was different than any other Indian wedding we’ve done. Instead of going with the customary vibrant colors, Vishal and Leena were skewed towards the pastels. And instead of having just one big theme, they had three! Wasn’t that wonderful?


The festivities began with a traditional ceremony, the Sangeet. We did the traditional Indian wedding set up, put up a dance floor and draped the venue with a mix of pastel colors. We threw around some purple hues just to make it look more festive, because after all, a Sangeet is an event where everyone would get down and dance their hearts out!



We brought the pastel color palette over to the next day when we set up the venue for their holy matrimony. An outdoor setting, overlooking the Indian Ocean, draped with sweet peach colors and pastel-tinted roses… It truly felt like the best place to join oneself to another for a lifetime.


The dinner that followed, however, was entirely different. And you could say that it’s what we love most about the whole decorating part for Vishal and Leena. This time, we took the wedding guests to Paris. We installed the foot of the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop to the bridal party table and sprinkled some around some European elegance into the party. We enhanced the ambiance with touches of gold and let the light bounce off of the black wall to create the sparkles.


Having done Vishal and Leena’s wedding made us think about who we are. Sometimes, we are really tempted to define a specific style to our decor. We like to think that we’re better with a certain black-and-white, unbendable standard. However, often times, when we do that, we are actually limiting ourselves and avoiding opportunities to become even better. Having met Vishal and Leena’s wedding have taught us that while traditions need to be followed, and that there are certain way to go about these things, we have also learned that as long as we’re not destroying any beliefs, we should be able to do what we like.

Pastel hues over vibrant bursts of color? An elegant feel to an Indian wedding? We say, why not?!





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