A Gazebo at your wedding?


A gazebo is a nice, small roofed pavilion with all sides open. It could be a pretty romantic decoration to your outdoor wedding and create picturesque focal point of your venue. If you get a venue with gazebo in it, you’re in luck, because there are a lot of ways to decorate the gazebo, and make it a part of your decor!

If you’re planning on having an evening party, lights are essential. Lights add extra twinkle as they create a romantic atmosphere. Your photographer will thank you for helping him taking better pictures. Another way to create more intimate and warm feelings is to light some candles that are placed inside and around the gazebo.



When decorating the gazebo, don’t forget the blooms. Some potted plants, too! The beauty of floral attachments brings out the vibrant colors of your wedding color palette.

To add on some simple yet elegant decor on your gazebo, try throwing around fabrics like satin ribbons and tulle. Colored ribbons are great for splashing some colors on the gazebo. You can also drape some tulle over it.




If you’re going for a more fun look, try putting up balloons on it. Place some color coordinated balloon arrangement on each side of the gazebo. Be sure you don’t over work it so that your gazebo doesn’t look like it belongs more at a kid’s birthday party rather than a wedding.



However you choose to decorate your gazebo, be sure that you don’t elaborate too much over it. Let is show it’s natural beauty and put the “specta” in spectacular in your wedding.




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