Red Hot Wedding

Who says that a wedding has to be all pastels and sweet colors? Who is to say that a wedding can’t be all red and hot? 

Just in case you didn’t know, in some cultures, like Chinese for example, the color red is seen as auspicious. It is a symbol of good luck and happiness. It is also a corresponding color of good fortune and joy.

So, if you’re liking red, there’s really nothing wrong with getting a lot of it at your wedding. Sure, it may not be the most traditional color choice, but who’s to say that you always have to go with the flow? It’s your wedding. It should be filled with a lot of “you”!

We’ve done some red-themed weddings and here are just a few tips at the top of our mind to make it work:

 Red-themed decor looks more elegant with complimenting colors. Our favorite go-to colors would be gold and pink. Gold makes it shout luxury and pink tones it down with a pinch of sweetness.


Red-themed decor needs to be supported by great lighting. The difference between a rich kind of red and a cheap kind of red is in the lighting.


Red-themed decor is best inside a setting. Think Chinese garden or Moulin Rouge, provide the perfect setting for your red-themed decor to really work.


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