Soft Layers of Love

The key to beautifying a place as beautiful as Alila Uluwatu is to not overdo the decorations. Simple touches will give an added elegant feel and not overpower the beauty of the venue. Especially, in weddings by the beach. The view is already breathtaking. And so to scatter a few touches of soft pink will complement the blue sea and blue sky perfectly, making love overpower the ambiance.




A few weeks ago, Peter and Ririn got married at this spectacular venue, Alila Uluwatu, one of our favorite places in Bali. We threw around some white layers and added some soft pink touches from the rose petals on to the dominant rustic gold decor. We don’t have to tell you how much we are loving this style.




Nearing the end of the year, we become increasingly grateful for the clients who have trusted us to be a part of their major milestone. The happy faces on our clients after during and after every celebration is the reason we do what we do. And we’re just so blessed that we get to be reminded of the “why” over and over again.



Thank you Peter and Ririn. We pray that your marriage will be filled with blessings and beautiful views throughout the journey.





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