A little bit of everything


One thing you must know about this couple is that they really know how to have FUN! They’ve been around weddings so much (they run and operate a wedding planning company) that they’ve already began designing their wedding day the minute they decided they were going to get married! And they know exactly what they want. They poured out their hearts and souls into the three-day wedding party. (Like seriously, that SuperBatman backdrop we made for their Super Hero Costume After Party is probably the coolest thing we’ve ever done to date!) There were so many wild ideas thrown into the three-day celebration. We heard the pool party was a splash. And the traditional Indian ceremonies were filled with so much emotion. Everyone who came agreed that it was THE wedding to remember!


This was, by far, the funnest Indian wedding we have ever done. We filled the venues with a little bit of everything. From natural seaside elements to elegant drapery. From baroque-style printed backdrops to simple calla lilies centerpieces. The venue had beautiful natural light so we made good use of that, and in the evening, we created a warm ambiance for the reception in the ballroom.


It was a really fun wedding. We’re still reeling from the excitement of that after-party, the one with the awesome backdrop. You get the idea when we say they’re a fun bunch, right?


Congrats again, Vishal and Vanessa. You will always have a piece of our hearts!




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