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Bali has always been the most popular wedding destination. It has become even more popular in the past few years, with local tourists also hosting their wedding there. We never doubt the choice of tying the knot in the Island of The Gods. Why should we? Bali is beautiful and filled with exciting venue options for any type of wedding – be it intimate or large, fun or elegant, rustique or modern, beach front or garden, the options available in Bali is enough to make every wedding as unique as the couple.

Bali might be every couple’s dreams. However, it may not be everyone’s first choice. Due to circumstances, guest lists, or even budget considerations, for some people, destination weddings might not even make it on the list of possibilities. If you dream of the having the Bali vibes at your wedding but deem it impossible to fly off to the island, don’t fret, we’ve got a list of venues that can give you those vibes right here in town.


Segarra, Ancol. Segarra is a beautiful place to host outdoor wedding parties with that untouched, seaside ambiance. You can say your “I do” with the magnificent sun setting into the horizon as a backdrop. You can set the tables for dinner in the sand or on the grass. By night, fairy lights can transform those two locations into something magical. With the sand on your feet and the salty wind in your hair, Segarra is the next best thing after Bali


 Chakra Venue, BSD. Bali isn’t only about beachfront or garden parties. It’s also about resorts that gives you that relaxed feeling. At the heart of BSD, The Breeze, there is Chakra, a romantic venue with stunning architecture, surrounded by a beautiful lake. It is a place with good, positive vibes and the perfect option for a relaxed wedding in the city.

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