My Love will Cross the Ocean

When it comes to true love, one can do anything. For Anggit, a proud member of the Navy, it could also mean crossing the sea to where the love is, and love is Paulina. Taking place at Segarra, the newlyweds Anggit and Paulina celebrated their wedding day. Under the theme of Paulina’s favorite colours, fuschia and purple, the celebration was held in a breathtaking outdoor venue near the sea.

From fuschia and purple macaroons, to fuschia and purple flower bouquets, accompanied by white lilies, they all gave a special touch of beauty. Soft pastel coloured details also companied fuschia and purple, giving the warmth to the windy night. They were added to the decoration; from the tiny details to floating lanterns, witnessing the promise the newlyweds made: my love will cross the sea.



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