Raining on your Parade

The months September through December are the most favorable months for weddings in Indonesia. It is also the few months with the heaviest possibility for heavy rain. Ballroom weddings would, of course, be the choice with minimal risk, but who’s to say we should abandon our dreams just because of a little rain?

We’ve had some experience with outdoor wedding during the rainy season, where the bride, the groom, and their guests, ended up dancing in the rain. It was fun, adventurous, and unbelievably romantic. But if the thought of being drenched in your beautiful wedding gown is enough to freak you out, please let us share with you some tips for embracing rain on your wedding day:



Get the pretty details ready. Umbrellas, flip flop, rain boots… you can prepare them for your guests, just in case, but they will warm their hearts for sure. Plus they will look really great in pictures too.




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