4 Common Wedding-Color Palette Mistakes to Avoid


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When planning a wedding decoration, often we found many couples don’t realize that choosing their wedding colors is an incredibly important decision and should be made as early as possible in the wedding planning process. The colors are going to incorporate and create a total look of your big day, so you need to choose your colors and treat them very carefully. If you’re still clueless about choosing colors, follow our steps!


Photo Source : pinterest.com


Photo Source : pinterest.com

Mistake #1: Colors aren’t cohesive

When it comes to wedding colors and style, the main goal is to make the whole event feel cohesive. You’re encouraged to pick up to four colors for your color scheme, but the colors should come together as a cohesive palette. Here’s the trick: pick one color, then pick two complimentary colors and one neutral color. Not sure with your combination? There are tons of inspirations you can peek.


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Mistake #2: Neglecting venue’s color

Please pay attention to your space. If you’ve chosen a reception area with gold and maroon carpets and wall paper, you may want to reconsider not to use a color scheme of mint and grey. There’s no way to pull it off, for instance, using coverings or something. You’ll end up wasting more time and money. You either find another venue or accept the venue and use your venue’s décor as a guide when picking out colors.


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Mistake #3: Not being specific with the colors

If blue is your chosen color, you may want to be exactly specific with the shade of blue you really want. Because powder blue and tiffany blue are so different and may cause a design failure if you’re not being specific. Use Pantone color code to select the shade, just like graphic designers and cake bakers use it as a reference when picking colors for their printed collaterals and cake frosting.


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Mistake #4: Not asking for mock-up or sample

This relates when you’re not specific with the colors. From flowers to backdrops, table skirt or table runner, to printed collaterals to your bridesmaid dresses, you should always ask for mock-up or sample. Don’t just trust your vendor when she said she got the right pink table runner but then you’ll end up having a fuchsia table runner.


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Photo Source : pinterest.com

Now that you know common mistakes which happen when choosing wedding colors, you can start your own in the right way. Remember that the ultimate goal from choosing the right palette is to create a vibe, style and atmosphere you want to have on your wedding. Good luck!





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